reDesign Home


reDesign Home is a collaborative interior design studio focused on creating beautiful, livable spaces tailored to each clients’ unique lifestyle

full-service design

For any new project we like to schedule a complementary initial consultation with the client, to assess their particular style and specific needs and also to determine the scope of the project.

what to expect:

  • A complete design down to the smallest details
  • Complete project management from start to finish OR
  • Hourly operation to address specific design requirements in order of importance

24 hours following initial consultation we provide client with an estimate so they can determine their budget.

We welcome projects both big and small! Sometimes all a client really needs is a fresh layout, a couple complimentary pieces and some impactful styling to transform a space; we tailor our services to meet each client’s needs and budget.

services we provide:

  • Paint color selections
  • Design of Interior for any room in the house
  • Kitchen & bathroom design
  • Space Planing
  • Furniture and Accessories Selection
  • Assisting during a renovation or in building a new home
  • e-design via in-a-box service
  • Styling



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we look forward to hearing from you!