Want to Make a Newcomer’s Day?

Glen Ellyn Newcomers is always looking for members to volunteer to bring meals to fellow members who have welcomed a new baby, experienced the loss of a family member, or other difficulty. We know that the exchanging a meal in a time of need is a symbol of care, compassion and empathy. The Meals Express Program, which is designed to help Newcomer families in times of transition, is a way for our community to continually serve each other and connect.

Each Meals Express applicant receives three meals from a fellow Newcomer volunteer. The meals can be prepared in various ways (i.e. store-bought, ordered from a restaurant or home-cooked) depending on the volunteer’s and applicant’s needs. We have allowed for the option of bringing breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as outlined specific delivery windows so that participants can seamlessly plan their meal exchange.

We think this is a great way to meet a fellow Newcomer, extend a helping hand and make new friends in the Newcomer community!