December Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

December 2       Mary Albright
December 4       Sarah Cavanagh
December 8       Maria Dai
December 8       Corinne Ingrum
December 8       Patty Campagna
December 9       Margaret Baumrucker
December 12      Nicole Baedke
December 12      Allison Bidzinski
December 12      Emily Mcneive
December 13      Kristin Fluitt
December 14      Katie Schye
December 15      Carolyn Polizzi
December 16      Kathy Osgood
December 17      Doreen Corrigan
December 18      Wendy Valluzzi
December 18      Tiffany Kirk
December 18      Lindsay Mckibben
December 25      Christine Galey
December 26      Margot Collins
December 26      Meredith Oliva
December 29      Brook Fates
December 29      Jackie Sikora


November Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

November 2          Nina Weinland
November 2          Jessi Corcoran
November 3          Kathleen Cabral
November 4          Darcy Martin
November 7          Amanda Bollettino
November 7          Laura Steele
November 11         Allyson Fane
November 12         Laura Garcia
November 16         Cayt O’Neal
November 17         Kim Benson
November 18         Erin Petruck-Ksiazek
November 18         Deanna Kicklighter
November 18         Michelle Kendall
November 19         Michelle Meyer
November 22         Heather Pintz
November 23         Shannon Mangold
November 24         Aline Cox
November 29         Anne Hayes
November 29         Rebecca Kain


October Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

October 6       Amelia Mickley
October 7       Gretchen Freund
October 12     Jocelyn Crnich
October 12     Noreen Schaetty
October 12     Katheryn Meagher
October 15     Cara Kapuscinski
October 16     Megan Kearns
October 20     Melissa Manna
October 20     Mairead Resch
October 21     Lauren Barron
October 21     Rita Sierens
October 21     Kelly Green
October 24     Marty Boyd
October 26     Lillian Lurye
October 29     Jen McNeill
October 30     Sara Stolmeier


September Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

September 3      Julie Nyquist
September 5      Britt Gomsak
September 5      Katrina Posey
September 6      Dana McMurray
September 6      Amy Becker
September 7      Katy Johnson
September 7      Renee Konzelman
September 7      Rachel Sorce
September 8      Libby Wassef
September 9      Sascha Weiss
September 9      Jeong Lee
September 13     Laura Brown
September 17     Christina Lavin
September 18     Elyse Kinker
September 19     Briel Wakerly
September 23     Lauren Piec
September 25     Jennifer Blowers
September 26     Fayette Wernick
September 28     Cindy Carter


Time To Renew Your Glen Ellyn Newcomers Membership

NEW! Renew by July 2nd for the chance to win 2 reserved seats for viewing Glen Ellyn’s Fourth of July Fireworks!!

Your membership for the year is just $50. As a Glen Ellyn Newcomers member you have access to dozens of fun activities throughout the year, including Ladies Night Out, Cooking Club, Ladies Tennis, Book Club, DIY, plus so much more.

Our Sports activity leaders have already planned events throughout the year where we can try some of the fitness studios in the area (like try an Orange Theory class followed by mimosas, or cardio jams and cocktails at Rise!) Your membership includes access to events for the whole family like Fall Family Fest, Breakfast with Santa and Mom’s and Tots outings. We are also planning several events just for the guys, like watch a big game at Main St. Pub and Poker Night! Newcomers members are offered unique opportunities to give back to the community, like involvement with our Celebration of Tables event, which raises money for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. We also help members form lifelong friendships in Newcomers Playgroups and Supper Clubs AND if you welcome a new child we offer a meal service for members.

All this PLUS as a member you get significant discounts on Healthtrack and Ackerman memberships and access to our CLOSED Facebook group (launching in August!).

You can renew here.  The window for renewal is open and will continue through August 15th.  PLEASE RENEW BY AUGUST 15th to avoid losing your gym discount and access to all the great events and perks described above.

July Birthdays

July 5     Megan Guffey
July 6     Kathryn Check
July 6     Andrea Stratton
July 7     Lindsey Biggam
July 8     Nell Bochenek
July 8     Megan Millner
July 8     Kelly Carney
July 12    Kristen Symons
July 17    Erin Blott
July 18    Molly Monge
July 18    Lindsey Griffin
July 18    Caroline Noschese
July 21    Sarah Meyers
July 21    Kajal Joshi
July 23    Kate McCoy
July 23    Amy Wloszek
July 24    Annie Rohr
July 24    Heather Liay McCauley
July 25    Julie Hilbrenner
July 26    Bridget Flint
July 27    Sarella Kelly
July 28    Lea Dan
July 28    Lauren Conway
July 29    Becky Gasaway
July 29    Mikaela McGrory
July 29    Cindy Schulz
July 30    Katie Hillemeyer
July 30    Michelle Covington
July 30    Allison Buck


Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!

Please join your fellow Newcomers as we celebrate one of the best days of the year in Glen Ellyn- The 4th of July!

The Newcomers have a longstanding tradition of walking in the parade, and we would love all families to join us. We will decorate bikes, scooters, and strollers, and pass out candy! Breakfast treats, drinks, and water will be provided beforehand.

Start your holiday off with some festive fun – hope to see everyone there!!

Date: Tuesday, July 4th
Time: 10:30 am for set up and decorating. Parade starts at noon.
Location: Glenbard West
Questions: The Social Team: Anne, Erin, Gretchen, Jennie, and Michelle;


Dupage Medical Group


If you’re searching for outstanding care that’s close to home, look no further than DuPage Medical Group. We offer a full range of specialties as well as an Immediate Care Center which features extended hours 7 days a week, right in your community. Additionally, you can now take advantage of our new e-visit and video visit options. You will receive the same exceptional care with the convenient ability to access our providers from home or on the go for selected conditions.

Visit for more info, we look forward to caring for you and your family.

1-888-MY DMG DR (888-693-6437)

Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

There are many great events throughout the year with Newcomers and this is one of them! Make sure to save the date for the Rookie Party! New members, this event can’t be missed! Please plan to have some fun. Significant others are encouraged at this event, so book a babysitter and plan for a night on the town.

Newcomers will provide appetizers and a cash bar will be available. This event is open to anyone who has joined Newcomers in the past year. It is designed to give our newest members a chance to meet one another.

For more information, follow the link below…

A quick reminder of what’s coming up in Newcomers…

10/15 – DIY Monogram Wreath
10/16 – Men’s Poker
10/18 – Men’s Catch the Game
10/21 – Tennis
10/23 – Moms & Tots on the Road
10/23 – Rookie Party

For more information on these events, follow this link. See you there!

Asthma & Allergy Center

Asthma & Allergy Center

Since 1991, Asthma and Allergy Center has been dedicated to the health and well being of all our patients. We have an integrated approach to patient care.  We strongly believe that patients are more likely to heal if all aspects of their lives are considered in the treatment plan. The physical health, the environmental health, the families health (past and present), the mental health and the spiritual health are all important. We take an extensive history, a physical exam, consider your needs and then create your individualized care plan.  Our doctors are board certified allergists – immunologists trained in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!  We are easy to get to just 10 minutes from Glen Ellyn. Take Rt. 64/North Ave. east to Glen Ellyn Rd and go north to Army Trail Rd. Take a right turn on Army Trail and our building is there on the left.

Asthma & Allergy Center
303 E Army Trail Rd,
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(630) 894-7083

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