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Please note this is a women’s only club, though we have many events where we include significant others. Membership is limited to those in Glen Ellyn and the surrounding areas.



Your membership is effective for the Club’s fiscal year, September 1st to August 31st. To maintain all member privileges with no interruptions we ask that members please renew by August 31st. While Glen Ellyn Newcomers is a women’s-only club, we have activities such as Guys Night Out and Couples Night Out to offer significant others the opportunity to also build a network in Glen Ellyn. This benefit is included in the annual membership fee, and husbands/significant others are not required to separately register to take advantage of these fun activities!
Meet new friends and enjoy monthly activities and spectacular annual family events
Is fitness a priority? Enjoy reduced membership fees at Healthtrack Sports and Wellness and Ackerman Sports and Fitness Center
Having a baby? Enjoy three meals delivered to your home by other Newcomers members
Members receive exclusive members-only discounts to local businesses
Need a recommendation on a doctor? Need to find a new sitter? Join our members-only facebook discussion group
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